As an entrepreneur, creating a website for your business should be among your top marketing strategies. You can either hire a company to construct a site from scratch or use a website builder. Online website builders involve the use of tools provided by hosting companies that allow you to make a private site entirely.

Offline ones involve running software on your computer and creating a page from the templates that they provide. The following are the major advantages and disadvantages of using these tools.

How to Start an Online Store on Amazon


They save money and time Employing a web design company create your website can be so pocket unfriendly. On the other hand, using a website builder cuts the cost by a huge percentage. You can then channel these funds towards a profitable cause such as buying more stock. Using a website builder also saves a lot of time because you do not have to code from scratch.

Visually appealing Sometimes, people make websites that have poor design thus not catchy. A good site should look professional. Website builders are created by gurus who understand what every business needs. As a result, they have great looking templates that you can choose from depending on your type of business.

Easy to use for both you and the visitors While making your page using a website builder, you use pre-created templates. In most cases, all that you need to do is edit, drag, load and publish.

These sites also allow visitors to access what they need by just clicking some buttons.


Most miss search engine optimization tools SEO is arguably the most beneficial and lucrative marketing strategies. Most website builders do not have vital elements that make up good SEO. The fact that you do not have access to the source code also limits your reach

Websites may look alike Website builders only give you a limited number of templates to choose from. Therefore, you may end up having a site that looks exactly like that of your competitor next door.

Remember that unique websites fetch more traffic.

Limited flexibility When you decide to use website builders, you do not have the freedom to play with your page the way you want. Therefore, you miss a lot of possibilities that could otherwise fetch you more traffic.  Conclusion
As we have seen above, using website builders is not entirely good or bad. You should weigh these pros and cons about your business and make a decision. However, they work best for startup companies. You can start by using such websites but shift to a manually coded later when your business picks up. All in all, it is critical that your business has a site.

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